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Mobile App Creation

Many small businesses still shrug off the idea of creating a mobile app but the case for doing so continues to become stronger, not just when it comes to engaging more effectively with customers but for empowering employees.

Should your small business use some sort of mobile application to reach out to customers or rethink certain business processes internally? SohoWizz is focused on providing cost-effective mobile marketing tools. From iPhone applications to iPad applications to HTML5 applications Sohowizz delivers mobile apps and mobile websites on every platform. Sohowizz will put you in front of your customers on devices they access most with information and tools that make it easy for Sohowizz to connect with their mobile audience.

Sohowizz’s commitment to reaching your audience with targeted mobile marketing will put you far ahead of your competitors. We’re here to help with all your mobile marketing needs and we have thorough analytics that are measurable for making strategic mobile marketing decisions.

Success Stories

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Business Continutity

Over 40% of businesses without a Disaster Recovery Plan go out of business after a major loss like a fire or break-in.

There is no reason a temporary setback should turn into a permanent failure. The first step is to create a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan.

Email Solutions

How much more productive would you be with bullet-proof email security and availability?

SohoWizz provides guaranteed uptime of your email services, along with threat protection from viruses, spam and malware.

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