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The Benefits of Having Antivirus Protection

Learning just a little bit about the consequences of not having antivirus protection should be enough to convince everyone they need it. Here are a few important reasons to get top quality antivirus protection for your computer:

Viruses are the most well-known computer attackers, and they can do all sorts of damage. There are many types of viruses that each have the ability to compromise PCs in different ways. Most typically, users acquire a virus by downloading questionable files that are falsely presented as other things in an email scam, or by visiting a phishing website.

Once viruses have infected your computer, they can drastically slow down your processing speeds, delete critical and important personal files and images, and in the worst case, cause irreparable physical damage to your computer. Viruses can cost you thousands in computer-replacement costs and cause you to lose very important documents and photos. The best antivirus software can thwart 99.99 percent of known viruses.

Spyware is a kind of software that is specifically designed to infect your computer and spy on you. This means the spyware seeks and steals all your personal information stored on your computer. This can include financial data, passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers and anything else the spyware can detect. Some spyware is so sophisticated that it can record and save data in real time; this kind of spyware runs silently run in the background, waiting for you to buy something online and often transfers your personal and sensitive data to its designer – a hacker in a remote location.

Spam is incredibly annoying when you’re bombarded with emails and ads that you have no interest in whatsoever. What many people do not realize is that if you’re bombarded with spam that seems to come from nowhere every time you log in, that spam is most likely the result of a virus stored on your computer. Since antivirus protection software keeps viruses at bay, installing security software should result in a drastic reduction of spam.
There are many types of antivirus protection applications to choose from, and the best products offer nearly complete shielding from viruses, spyware and spam.

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